Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation Question 2 - how my media product represents particular social groups.soc

the star character in my media thriller, played by me, has elements & conventions that are similar to real movie openings. My character is dressed in darkish clothes that could give viewers of my thriller the idea that he is the baddy or just overall a dark minded character.

i decided to compare my character of a slightly different sub-genre.

Sam from kidulthood & adulthood, played by noel clarke,has been compared to my character when it comes to their image. This was said by other contemporary film makers.

Both characters kill someone in the films that they are in.


  • My thriller is a differernt sub genre to kidulthood. which would mean that my character would have a slightly different mentality to sam.
  • my character dresses differently. e.g. military boots, leather jacket, jeans. colour scheme is dark blue ish black.

The representations and stereotypes of the killer from my thriller are:





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