Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sound track for Reap As You Sow

As time is approaching fairly fast, it was for the best that we as a group take an decision on what kind of a sound track we want to create or imitate, i thought, with the advice of my group that it would be for the best to use the existing sound track that currently accompanies our bag swap, but include a few different tempos and instruments.

The current bag swap sound sequence includes the following instruments;

  • 'Orchestral String Section 03'
  • 'Delay Beat 02'
  • 'Delay Beat 03'
  • 'Delay Beat 01'

Below is a screen grab of the sound sequence that accompanies the bag swap


By changing a few aspects of the current sound track used for the bag swap should potentially fit very well with the thriller opening Reap As You Sow. copied from viet

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