Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation of Reap As You Sow

Firstly i would like to start by saying that i am extremely proud of the way Reap As You Sow has turned out, however i do still feel that there are certain areas in the opening that could use a few tweaks such as;

1) I strongly feel that we as a group could have improved quite significantly on the credits/titles included in our opening, initally it would have been best to have created the titles in Live Type, however as we as a group werent very familiar with live type we decided to create the titles in Final Cut Pro. We incorporated the font style  'Gill Sans' in our titles which we later as a group thought could have been replaced with San serif

2)Initally we as a group wanted to create a huge impact on the actual murdering of the victim , however we later found that we missed out a number or crucial close ups, such as the murders and victims point of views, By mentioning close ups i remembered that ideally i created a storyboard in which it was planned for us to include a range of different aspects of the murder. , We as a group accedintally forgot to take shots of the culprit washing blood off his hands, and when realised we forgot decided to shoot the shot using the college staff room however later fought it does not work well with the over all opening and decided to leave it out.  

3) Ideally i feel that the opening would have worked well if it had been shot during the evening instead of the day time , i feel by doing this it would have created that extra intrigue.

On the whole i am very pleased with what we as a group were able to pull off, and just await to see what grade we get.

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