Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sound track for "Reap As You Sow" Opening

As it came closer to finishing of the project, the group had a decision to make on what sort of sound was to be played for the title sequence. We decided that we liked the soundtrack used for the bag swap clip. I tried to fix the soundtrack of the bag swap with the "Reap As You Sow" opening and I thought that it would fit in well, if it was edited to fit the clip. 

Bag Swap Instruments and Sequence

'Orchestral String Section 03'
'Delay Beat 02'
'Delay Beat 03'
'Delay Beat 01'

I then showed it to the rest of the group and they also thought that we should stick to the bag swap sound track but with a bit of editing just to make it fit in with the clip.

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