Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Screen grabs of adding credits to opening

We as a group thought it is for the best that we create our credits in 'Final, Cut, Pro' as we only wanted simple plain credits with a simple fade in fade out effect.
Below is screen grabs showing how we as a group created the credits for our thriller opening
Reap As You Sow. 

Above is a screen shot showing where we could enter the text for our credits, here it was also possible to change the font, colour and size, The font that was chosen for our credit was skia. It was important that the we clicked on the controls tab to arrive on this page.

Here is a screen shot showing where the text appears after entering the prefered text on the controls page, To view the text entered its cruical to click on the tab above reading 'video'

Above is a screen grab showing the different aspects of 'Final Cut Pro', as you can see on the far right hand side is a window where we as a group were able to view our opening. On the far left hand side is all the shots that we as a group had filmed/taken. On the far top centre is a window where we were able to preview the desired credit, which we could move around using image wire frame, finally below is the actual opening sequence, that we as a group put together using the Final, Cut, Programme

Below are screen shots of the credits that were created

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