Thursday, 24 March 2011

Soundtrack For "Reap As You Sow"

Initially, we had decided to use the sound track of the bag swap for our final edit of "Reap As You Sow". But with a few counter arguments with my co-peers, I had persuaded them that we shouldn't use it because after playing around with "Soundtrack Pro" for a while I had created that I thought would match the suspense that our thriller is trying to portray. The rest of the group didn't think it worked at first but eventually they came around and saw that it did fit in well as it made the opening seem more spooky. The soundtrack for the bag swap was only experimental at the time so it didn't mean that we had to use it again for our actual coursework.

The music and sound effects that I composed for our thriller opening were:

'Not So Friendly Long'
'Not So Friendly Short'
'Nickhelm Scream'
'Auto Door Close'

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