Sunday, 13 March 2011

Changes that have been made for opening

Intially it was planned what where and when the thriller opening will/would be filmed, however obviously as time approaches and new ideas come into head differences/changes appear. For instance;

1) Ideally the location in mind for the thriller opening was to be in and around angel, as it is close to college and is a location which we all in the group are aware of. Unfortunately chosen location of angel went straight out the window as it became difficult to find the ideal, desired church. After long and tiring hours of searching for a church i remembered a church around my local ( St Andrews church, Thornhill square) There was no other alternatives apart from this church which had all the desired factors, it look a lot of convincing and sweet talks to finally achieve permission to film at a church fitting the criteria for the actual opening setting.

2) Another change that was taken into consideration for the opening was the weapon that the culprit in the thriller opening will be using, initally it was planned to be a 6-7 inch rope, however after taking in considerations i and my group found it would be more appropiate and effective for the culprit to use his own bare hands to strangle/murder the victim.

3) The last and final change that was made regarded to the thriller opening was which co actors would be playing which part (culprit/psychopath and the victim). Initally it was planned for Viet a member of the group to be the culprit, however after taking a few camera shots we as i group thought its for the best that Ryan another member of the group becomes the culprit instead of Viet as he is quite a few inches taller than Viet making him more dominant.

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