Friday, 25 March 2011

Evaluation of The Media Academic Year [So Far]

Since starting media at an AS level, I've grown to like it even more than I did when I was doing it at a GCSE level.

Since september I have learnt a variety of key terms and ideas that have come very useful when I was doing my thriller opening with my group.

I've been taught so many new skills such as how to use a camera and how to record.

Once I learnt how to record I was then taught how to edit the clips I had recorded and learnt how to add sound, titles and effects on to it to make it look more professional.

Soundtrack, I must say, I found most enjoyable I was able to compose a suitable soundtrack for my bag swap film and my thriller opening.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this academic year so far and I am looking forward to showcasing my work to the rest of my fellow pupils that do media on April 5th in Vue cinema. (Y)

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