Thursday, 17 March 2011

Story line of Thriller Opening

Storyline of Reap As You Sow Opening
As you can see from the rough cut video which has recently been uploaded, the basic story line  of the group's thriller opening is based on a psycho who has just recently committed a sin and walks into a church to ask for forgiveness. As he kneels down on his knees and looks at the picture of Jesus, he has constant flash backs of the recent event that has taken place. 

(The recent event that has taken place/ His flash backs) 
1. He walks into a park and spots his victim.
2. The psycho walks towards his victim without trying to intimidate or scare him by avoiding any sort of eye contact.
3. As he gets closer to his victim he tries to block out his victims path. 
4. He purposely walks into his victim.
5. His victim is irritated and looks at him. 
6. He pushes his victim onto a bench and strangles him to death.

We showed this by having constant flashes of him praying and his flash backs. The flashes between the two clips starts to become shorter and faster until his victim is dead and there is a black out for a while. Then there's a shot of him praying in the church and his victim taps him on the shoulder. After a while of a short black out there are clips to show an empty church and a close up of the picture of Jesus, which would leave the audience left on a cliff hanger wondering whether how the victim came back alive, if the victim has now got the psycho on his hands taking revenge or if that was all the psycho's imagination.

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