Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What have I learnt/gained from AS media

I personally feel that i have gained/learnt a lot from AS media. i started media knowing nothing at all about it, apart from the fact that it was a fun subject to study. As time went on and media became more familiar i found it to be engaging and interesting. i was practically learning new things every lesson and just learning my way around skills on camera, editing and sound.

At first i learnt about television soap drama and what the British film industry in which we studied essays and case studys.

As mid october approached we as a class moved on to learning about what a good thriller is what it includes and what we could imitate (intertextuality) from examples of good thrillers, such as Memento, Psycho, The Step Father and many more.

We as a class were then taught many skills to do with the college JVC camera, such as how to record camera footage, place the tripod and how to chose the appropriate focus for our filming. Below is a photo of the college camera

Once we learnt how to record footage using the college JVC camera we were  taught how to edit the clips  recorded in Final Cut Pro were could combine all the shots taken for thriller opening and add sound and titles. Below is a screen grab of Final Cut Pro

Mentioning sound i remembered that we were also taught how to create sound on Soundtrack Pro, which  I found one of the hardest tasks to do regarding media. But lukily other members in my group were fluent in using Sound Track Pro and were able to produce a suitable soundtrack for our  bag swap and thriller opening. Below is a screen grab of the bag swap sound.

Lastly but not least we were taught how to create titles using Live Type, which found quite amazing as you could create professional titles such as the titles you see in many movies whether its thriller or comedy. Below is a screen grab of my name in Live Type.

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