Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final Full Day Of Editing

One more day before the final deadline of creating our thriller opening as part of our media coursework. so we had decide to make this 3 hour media session a very productive one.
Our tasks were to create the soundtrack for our opening as well as adding the title credits and refining some extra parts of the production to make it complete. We had decided to split up which made it easier and faster for everyone to do their work. 
First Half of the lesson.
In the first half of the 3 hours, Viet was working on the editing with help from Sayf. They needed to make the title sequence look presentable for the audience and also 'professional' but they had a slight problem with the ending. Viet wasn't sure about the ending and so was the rest of the group. Although we knew why we showed an empty church we thought that the audience wouldn't understand, so we showed it to several other class mates and they didn't really understand the ending. We were planning how to end the thriller. We played the clip over and over again and we decided it would be good to leave a big cliff hanger if we ended it to when the guy taps the psycho on the shoulders as it leaves the audience in suspense.
Second Half of the lesson.
In the second half, I decided to start composing the soundtrack for our thriller opening. Viet decided to accompany me. We planned to create a similar composition to our bag swap soundtrack. 
I created a new soundtrack for the opening as I realised that the music should be spooky as our thriller was a psychological thriller and not an action thriller. When the rest of the group first heard the track they didn't think it fit in that well, however, thinking about it again, we came to conclusion that it made the opening seem more spooky which allowed it to portray a psychological thriller.

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