Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation Question 2 - how my media product represents particular social groups.soc

the star character in my media thriller, played by me, has elements & conventions that are similar to real movie openings. My character is dressed in darkish clothes that could give viewers of my thriller the idea that he is the baddy or just overall a dark minded character.

i decided to compare my character of a slightly different sub-genre.

Sam from kidulthood & adulthood, played by noel clarke,has been compared to my character when it comes to their image. This was said by other contemporary film makers.

Both characters kill someone in the films that they are in.


  • My thriller is a differernt sub genre to kidulthood. which would mean that my character would have a slightly different mentality to sam.
  • my character dresses differently. e.g. military boots, leather jacket, jeans. colour scheme is dark blue ish black.

The representations and stereotypes of the killer from my thriller are:





EVALUATION - How does your media product represent particular social groups?


The representation and stereo type of the killer from my opening are:

Above is a still picture of our killer, he is walking in a park with his hands in his pocket and his head down. The image below is showing the character Sam from AdULTHOOD, as you can see he is also walking with his heads down and his hands in his pocket, these little actions suggest to us that they are 
Sly and Quiet 
They are both walking in a place where there are grass, Sam is walking in a graveyard whilst our killer is walking in a park. Although I listed 'DARK CLOTHING' as a stereo type for killer, Sam wears a grey 'hoodie'  but hides his face with a hood just like how our killer looks down to hide his face.

All this represents one particular social group.
The Modern Teenage Trouble Makers known as "Yobs"

Evaluation Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My media product imitates the common use of titles appearing in a specific order, below are the order that the titles appear in my media product;

Directed by Sayf Ahmed
Camera by Zak Chennane
Music and Starring Ryan Cameron
Edited and  Starring Viet Pham


We as a group tried to imitate the simple plain white text that appears in Days of Heavens 
(similar to what you can see above left). Above right is a screen grab showing one of the titles in our opening in the same kind of style.

Below are some of the shots we tried to imitate from movies as a form of intertextuality. 

From Romeo and Juliet i and my group tried to imitate the close up of Jesus, adding emphasis and tension.
From Incredible Hulk (left image) we tried to imitate the close up of the culprits eyes.

I was pretty sure that i wanted an over shoulder shot in my Thriller opening like the one from the step father on the left.

I thought it would be best to imitate the establishing shot from Step father but instead of an house i included a establishing shot of an church entrance in my opening.

We as a group thought it would be best to include an ident as most films seem to start off with an ident appearing above right is a screen grab of the ident in Reap As You Sow, and on the right is the Paramount  ident in Marathon Man.

We as a group were pretty keen on imitating the shot on the left from Kidulthood in our opening as you can see on the right.

Evaluation Question 1 - how my media product use, develops or challenges forms and conventions of real media.

EVALUATION - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

FORMS & CONVENTIONS of Thriller title sequence
Reap As You Sow and Mission Impossible

Although both are different from each other the use of the quick flashes between shots in the opening of Mission Impossible reminds me of my opening with the quick zoom up of Tom Cruise's face which is comparable with the slow zoom of Ryan Cameron's face.
Mission Impossible has very quick shots whilst in my opening the shots are slow.

Zoom into face was also from Incredible Hulk

The strangling scene is comparable with Adulthood's fighting scene in the graveyard, where the victim is on a bench and the killer is on top.