Friday, 25 March 2011

[Media Coursework] Thriller Opening - The Whole Shebang.

I really enjoyed producing my thriller opening as part of my media coursework. I felt that it helped me greatly in understanding what happens behind the scenes when films are being created. 

Working in a group was very challenging. Each of us had our own ideas for how we wanted to produce the thriller opening.
My initial idea was similar to our overall project, only i wanted to involve a supernatural theme to it e.g. Vampires. I wanted the killer to be a vampire and it would lead on to the rest of the film being a supernatural thriller. I was willing to get contacts and fake fangs and blood so that it would look realistic.


the rest of my group didn't really agree with my idea so we had to co-operate and decide what our plot would be.

in the end the main plot for "reap as you sow" came from Zak. once everyone had agreed on how we would film it we decided to create a storyboard and pitch our idea to our media teachers.

We then had to plan where we would shoot our project. Sayf had contacted a church near his local resident and we were able to shoot in there as well as the park opposite it.

Once we got to filming I felt our idea was coming to life. We filmed most of the project in one day and the rest was done not long afterwards.

Once we had filmed, it was all down to the editing of the clips, creating the titles, and composing the soundtrack.

Once It was all completed, we had saved our Final edit and decided to post it on our blog ready for examining.

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