Saturday, 12 March 2011

Story idea of thriller opening Reap As You Sow

The basic story idea of 'Reap As You Sow' is pretty much obvious from its name. It is about a psychopath wandering around in a park ( location Thornhill square), where he suddenly bumps into a ordinary bloke, who is in a rush and unaware of his surroundings. The psychopath being who he is finds it outrageous that someone has had the audacity to touch him, which leads him into murdering the guy. The psychopath then decides to repent for his sin by asking for forgivness in the local church across the street (St Andrews church), where he sees flash backs of the murder he has committed. The ending of the opening ends with a cliffhanger, where the victim who was murdered eventually comes back alive and taps the culprit on his shoulder. The cliffhanger is initally included to arouse the thought either the victims back alive, or as a ghost possibly seeking revenge. Therefore named Reap As You Sow.

The actual arrangement of the opening will begin with the culprit/psychopath seeking revenge in a church then lead on to flashbacks of the murder being seen, and then finally the tap on the shoulder from victim.

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