Monday, 21 March 2011

Research on text

As it appears i and my group have started to begin work on the text that should accompany the opening. Therefore I thought its for the best to begin research on what possible text design may be suitable enough for 'Reap As You Sow'.

Below is the web URL of the website 'Dafont', which i used as an aid to help me chose the best appropriate style/design to suit the thriller opening.

After entering the home page it was very simple to browse around due to the existence of the theme tabs available to click on, helping you directly browse your specific choice.

Unfortunately i am unable to copy/paste any of the text approved by my self, due to technical problems.
but by clicking on the below URL you should be able to preview the text chosen by myself.

Overall i think the kind of text i and my group would prefer is something that is not over the top, something that is simple possibly in colour white with a simple fade in fade out text.

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