Thursday, 24 March 2011

Diary Entry (Finale)

Date: 24th, March, 2011
Time: 9:00am - 12:15pm
Location: City and islington college

As today was my last lesson on editing the Opening as the dead line is tomorrow the 25th, March, 2011, i and my group were eager to complete all the edit, including the sound and credits. Fortunately we were able to complete the edit and have published the final edit of the opening on the blog. Sadly this is the last diary entry. Below are full details of what happen on the final day of edit,

Firstly we as a group spilt up in individual teams to complete the opening.

During the 1st half of the lesson i and Viet were in a team working on the editing. We had to complete all the title and credits making them stand out, look professional and suit our thiller opening, as we completed the titles, we came across a problem regarding the ending of the opening we werent exactly sure how to end the opening, Initally we were pretty keen on  showing  an empty church but we thought it could appear to the audience a bit confusing, as many of our class pupils found it a bit off lines. After constantly asking people and trying to think of ideas on how to end we found that it would be best to end on a cliff hanger, exactly at the point were the victim comes back and taps the shoulder of the culprit.

Below is an screen grab of us editing titles.

During the 2nd  half of the lesson Ryan and Viet were working on the sound that was accompanied with the opening  I constantly went back and forths just to see whether they needed me but as acadamic as they are Ryan and Viet were able to create the sound track all by themselves, All that i and zak done was tell our opinins and ideas of what we fought of the dozens of sounds created. Initally we was going to go ahead with using the bag swap sound for the opening but Ryan was keen and eager on creating a new sound, which he was able to pull off.

Below is a screen grab of the sound created;
As lesson finished at 12:15 pm Viet decided to stay after the lesson to creat an ident to accompany the Thriller opening as he had no lessons after wards, We as a group appreciate his hard work and dedication in creating the ident which we all fought would not be possible as lesson time came to an end.
Below is a screen grab of the ident;

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