Friday, 18 March 2011

Evaluation of rough cut

Allthough we as a group strongly feel our rough cut has proven to stand out and attract towards our fellow pupils, we feel there is still a lot we could improve on.

1) For instance we thought we could improve on a few of the shots included in the opening such as the church establishing shot which seems to stumple a bit towards the end of the tilt shot, we thought we could increase the amount of close up shots included and immensely improve on the aspects of the murder scene, which is the crucial climax.

2) We as a group felt a bit bad for not being able to complete our sound on Sound Track Pro and our credits on Live Type to accompany our rough cut.

3) We as a group still feel we could possibly improve on the types of effects added in the rough cut and the speed of certain shots/footage.

In all we as a group are proud with what we have been able to accomplish so far.

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