Monday, 17 January 2011

Thriller Sub-Genres

There are many movies that can be classed as thrillers and for this they have been put in sub-genres. these are:

·         Crime Thrillers – an example of this is Sin City
·         Action Thrillers – am example of this is Resident Evil
·         Sci-fi Thrillers – an example of this is Alien
·         Political Thrillers – an example of this is Enemy Of the State
·         Psychological Thrillers – an example of this is Phonebooth

each of these sub-genres are unique in there own way. take political thrillers for example. political thriller is a thriller that is set against the backdrop of political power struggle. They usually involve various plots, rarely legal, designed to give political power to someone, while his opponents try to stop him from getting it. They can involve national or international political scenarios. World War II is a favorite scenario, as are US presidential elections.

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