Monday, 17 January 2011

How Suspense is created in 'Momento'

In the beginning of 'Momento' suspense is created by a photograph being flicked and every time it is flicked it gets blurry. From this I could tell that the film was going to go in reverse. In the beginning the music seems tensed as it is at a low pitch and is a very slow orchestral instrument which is also used to create suspense. The music gradually gets louder and we see blood going up the walls then in slow motion the clip is reversed and we see the bullet shell going back into the gun, then a sudden bang of the gunshot is heard but the bullet is shot back into the gun and the man who got shot is alive. This whole scene was supposed to be an ending of the film but as it is reversed it becomes the start of the film and we get to find out why he shot that man.

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