Monday, 17 January 2011

List of sub-genres

Crime thriller: This is a mixture of thriller movie elements and crime movie elements. Usually the criminals are the main character not the police, in crime thrillers there is alot more building of suspense. There is less psychological battles and alot of action in this sub-genre. eg. Oceans 11

Conspiracy thriller: This is where the whole plot of the movie is based around someones affliction with a large group of enemies usually the Marathon man

Psychologocal thriller: This is where there is very little action but alot of suspense building scenes due to a mental battle rather than a physical one, although there would sometimes be a very violent ending to the movie. This sub-genre usually contains elements of drama and mystery and due to the build up in tension it can sometimes seem to be a horror movie. eg. Phonebooth

Political thriller: This is a thriller where there is a large power struggle between the politicans and an enemy. Or can involve someone trying to obtain power, these films usually show alot of iklleagal government dealings. eg. JFK

Techno thriller: This is where up to date and futuristic technology is used to build the suspense. eg.  The hunt for red october

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