Sunday, 16 January 2011

Analysis of clip from Psycho

This is an extract scene from the original movie Psycho which is an 1960 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.The movie itself was a famous creative piece, nominated for four academy awards, and achieving a gross revenue of $32 million.The film is also followed by a Psycho 2 as it was consistently praised by critics and public proving to be one of the most legendary thriller movie of all time. The scene itself has proven to be thrilling and famous as many movies have duplicated certain aspects of the scene. This particular clip consists the use of a male domain attacking a female in the shower, with the use of a knife. Whats most shocking  in this scene is how the scene appears to be normal at first with the female character going in to the shower, however with the use of a rather thrilling music we sense a feeling of something terrible occuring, which in this case is a gruesome murder. Another successful element in this scene is the use of the visuality of the shower cutain ripping one by one accompanied with the sound of them ripping .

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