Monday, 31 January 2011

Livetype and sound Skills

We were then introduced to 'Livetype' which is a programme used to create animated title sequence and credits. It can be used to show the title, the casts, producers, the directors, designers and etc. It can also be used to tell the story of a clip, for example, you could write over a clip saying "4 years later".
Above is a screen shot of the programme "Livetype".

This is where I created the text. I could type in any text I want on the left hand side screen shot, then edit it using the screen shot on the right. There are hundreds of different types of fonts and backgrounds which could be used.
In this screen shot, I could place and position where I want the text to be, I could also tilt the text to make it fit in with the theme of a clip.

After i was then introduced to a programme called 'Sound pro' which is used to edit sounds and also create sounds.
Above is a screen shot of the sound sequence used for our 'Bag Swap'. Little sequences of sounds are put together to create a sound track. 
The sounds we used are:
'Orchestral String Section 03'
'Delay Beat 02'
'Delay Beat 03'
'Delay Beat 01'
This is what i used to find the sounds i want to use, there are categories of sounds which makes it easier to find which sort of sound i wanted to use. For instance, if i wanted to use string sounds i would click on 'Strings', 'Violins', 'Guitars' and 'Organ'.
With the screen shot above i could match the sound track with the 'Bag Swap' which would make it easier to change the tone of the soundtrack to make it match with the clip.

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