Sunday, 16 January 2011

Intertextuality in films

Intertextuality means simple when films borrow certain aspects or features from past films in which they may be spotted in through mis en scene, camera, editing and sounds. What really interests me about intertextuality in films is how simmilarly a majority of films share references to each other, which can in certain aspects tend to be good  whilst in other aspects tend to be bad, as it tends to be a duplicate of a movie.

Psycho is an good example in which intextuality can be shown, for example the famouse shower scene in
Psycho has been in many ways in many films been replicated either by replicating the theme tune, the famouse shower scene or even the editing of the shower curtain ripping. Below is the clip of the famous shower scene from Psycho. Intertexuality from Psycho has been used in a range of thriller movies.

Step fater is an example of a movie in which the director replicated the use of the male domain chasing after a famale entering up in a bathroom which is dressed in mainly white simmilar to Psycho. The movie consists the use of same shower cutain and position/ camera angle of the bath tub in the far end. Although there is a great reference in step father to Psycho, the director of step father Nelson McCormick added a rather interesting twist, in which instead of the female character being murdered/stabbed  the male character was stabbed using a piece of glass from the broken mirror.

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