Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bag Swap Clip.

We as a group had a task to make a short thriller movie about two people swapping bags. we came up with numerous number of ideas but in the end chose to go with an idea that was'nt to time consuming or complicted.

We required the use of borrowing an jvc camera, tripod and and an umbrella in case of rain from our college media technicans.

Setting: We decided as an group that initally we would film our bag swap footage at a park around the corner of the college however in the end the idea backfired and we decided to shoot the footage in side the college and its grounds. Our movie begins from the inside of the college and ends up ending outside on the grounds of the college.

Camera:  In our bag swap footage we've included shots such as over shoulder shots, close ups and extreme close ups, point of view shots, tracking and the use of birds eye view shot.

We then required to combine all the shot filming clips into one production which to create we needed to edit the movie, by using 'Final cut pro' by using 'Final cut pro' we was able to cut and crop any unnecessary footage.

Below is the final footage of our Bag swap movie 

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