Monday, 17 January 2011

This is the famous suspense shower death scene from the film "psycho". after watching this in class we discussed the technical aspects that make this such a inspirational and motivating scene.
a great technical aspect is the sound.
the sound, both non-digetic & digetic, indicates to the audience that something is going to happen, whether it is bad or good, in this case bad.
another key technical element is the camera shots. the camera shots show us what is happeneing and show the facial expression on the womans face as she is killed. the editing also relates to the camera shots as the shots are cut very fast to show the speed of what is happening and at the end when the woman is dead. edit is used to zoom from her eye to show her face and her facial expression to show her pale dead face.
Psycho has influenced many horror films made in the twentieth century. It influenced the creation of slasher films, including Halloween. also it influenced the film step brothers. and many key elements are mimicked by twentieth century films as a sign of respect to commemorate psycho's success in showing suspense.

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