Thursday, 27 January 2011

Editing Bag swap

To edit the bag swap i and my group were required to use the help of certain apple mac applications such as,

Final cut: Which is an apple application which allows you to crop, cut and glue together images and short filmings to create an overall footage.

Below are some screen shots of editing the bag swap in Final cut pro;

Live type: Which is a program which allows you to create animated title sequences/ credits to add to your own prefered footage.( such as adding producers,actors,and directors name at the begining or end of a specific film.) Below is a short clip showing the basic overview on how to use live type.

Below are screen shots of me using Live type

Sound pro: which is a program which allows you to compose and edit your own personal choice of  audio to accompany your footage. You may also add special sound effects using this particular application to your preferred footage.

Below are some screen shot images of editing sound for the actual bag swap.

The above screen shot is an screen shot of the sound track sequence where different sound elements have been put together to produce one final sound track for the Bag swap movie (The note)

Above is an screen shot image of all the different types of sound included in the final sound track.

Above on the far left hand side of the page is an screen shot image of the actual bag swap movie being played on Sound track pro, on the far right hand side of the page is an screen shot of the different categories of instrument that are available to use to produce a final sound track.

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