Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation question 8

We as a group have come a long way from when we made our prelim to thefinal cut of our thriller opening, I am going to go through the dramatic improvements we have made since the prelim.

In the prelim we had no credits or an ident all we had was Group 29 Prelim, this was due to us as a group not using our time more effectively and alsoour lack of experience and practise time using live type.

Our credits for our thriller were very much plain and this choice was influenced by Days of Heaven, we also had four differnent credits which is alot more than our prelim.

We also made some improvements to our establishing shot the prelim's establishing shot was poor and slanted whereas in the thriller the establishing shot is straight. This made the thriller alot more proffesional and gave the movie a more proffesional feel.

Also our thriller begins with an ident which also makes the movie more proffesional in contrst with our prelim which starts straight away.
All of these improvements show we have learned from our mistakes and made sure our thriller was to the highest standard possible.

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