Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation Question 3

Who would be the audience for your media product?

I personally believe that the target audience for my media product would be young adults (16-25).
Below is a short clip that i created on windows media showing images of what my thriller opening audience could be seen wearing/using

Below are short story's of my friends,who fit i believe would fit the targeted audience criteria for my thriller opening Reap As You Sow; 

Isaq Chowdhury: 17 years old is a student currently studying Monday- Friday; at City and Islington Sixth form college where he's studying Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Mathematics . Isaq enjoys playing football, going out and socialising in his spare time, he visits the cinema frequently and is always up for thrilling experiences. Isaq is very determined in completing his studies and eventually achieving a career as a GP.

Tajwar Chowdhury: 16 years old is currently studying Business Admin at City and Islington college (Camden). He's very active and is always up for taking risks in life. He's very eager and tries to take full advantage of every opportunity that is thrown at him. Tajwars a very materialistic person who loves partying and  shopping at (House Of Frazer and Selfridges).

Mahi Hussain: 18 works full time at Peacocks, where he stocks, replenishes and merchandise's clothing wear, in his spare time he loves cycling and going out on adventures to perform dangerous tasks like bungee jumping and sky diving. He enjoys watching thriller, action and animated films, and is always the first to purchasing latest gadgets such as phones and mp3 players.


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