Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Evaluation Question 4 & 5 - What kind of media institution might distribute my media product and why? How will I attract/address my audience?

I have decided to use group 30's brilliant student media work as my example as they have had a successful amount of hits using the internet making their media thriller opening very popular locally.

the use of facebook - a very popular social network site that can help anyone to advertise products or new forms of media such as music, films, articles etc.

Also putting their video on other video sites such as Youtube & even Vimeo is very helpful to gain popularity and reputation.

Cinema we will view everyones thriller movies on the 5th of April, is below at 'the screen.' Other cinemas at which our thriller can be presented in:

I have envisioned a particular style of marketing for our thriller. As well as using social networking sites to promote it, campaigns, leaflets and magazines [Print Advertising] or using other websites as banners and tv adverts [Broadcast Advertising] would also help raise awarness of it. Premiere, film, empire [all magazines], similarly TV adverts, adverts before highly rated youtube videos and adverts on the side of facebook all can boost ratings.

One of the main film magazines is Total Film, which advertises new films and stars, also information and advertising for the film. Most of the front covers like the one shown above have a large image which shows the main characters in a certain film. They range from headshots to a longshot all of which make the film completly clear which is being advertised.They also like to cover some of the magazine title with the image this adds another dimesnsion to the page and it also look more professional, an example of this is this front page where he is looking directly into the camera as a figure of power, and on a shelf would gain eye contact and intrest the target audience. Also by the main characters being easily recognisable it will make people want to read a review and see what the film is like befire they watch it.

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