Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation question 8

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Below are screen grabs of the differences that i have spotted between the prelim and the thriller opening;


In the prelim film there was only one credit/title which was 'Group 29 Prelim', we as a group were really disappointed in not be able to deliver the desired credits, as we fell behind on time and weren't experienced enough in using Live Type.

Click on this link below to view the Prelim.

However in our Thriller opening 'Reap As You Sow' as we were more determined and knew for an fact that we would have to accompany our opening with credits we tried to make them as effective as possible. We included 5 individual credits that followed a conventional order, Our credits were simple and plain similar to the credits in Days Of  Heavens.

Click on this link below will allow you to view the thriller opening.
Looking back at the preliminary movie that i and my group made (group 29) and comparing it to our thriller opening (Reap As You Sow) I have noticed that there are a few major improvements that we have made, indicating that we have immensely progressed, such as;

Establishing shot:

The establishing shot in the prelim far left is an shot of an elevator, which is clearly shot from an appalling angle, which we at the time found alright. But as time went on and we became more experienced in camera skills, We were determined to get the establishing shot in the opening far right bang on straight, as we wanted to appear as professional as possible. 


Our Prelim movie starts straight into the movie with the elevator doors opening, whereas the thriller opening starts off with 'Candi Studios' ident appearing, which makes the opening appear like a high quality  professional production.


The lighting in the prelim (far left) is fairly poor, at certain points its very bright and clear, and at certain points it has shown to be very dim, which shows a lack in planning and communication amongst the group, i personally believe that we should have chose a different setting inside the college familiar to us for having a constant ray of sun hitting it, providing light. In our thriller opening however (far right) over all the lighting works efficiently, showing no major differences.

All the above suggest that we as a group have shown progression by rectifying our mistake that had previously been made in the prelim, We've tried to produce a thriller opening that has no flaws, but as they say

(nothing is perfect there is always room for improvements).

Below is a self recording of me (sayf ahmed) talking about the progress that i think we as a group made.

Sorry that its not landscape.

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