Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation Question 6

Audience feedback and comments:

We as a class all in our individual groups presented our thriller opening and awaited eagerly for feedback's on what other groups/pupils thought. As every one has their own opinion and are entitled to say what they feel a mixture of comments were given some positive and some negative.

Below is a wordle of what groups and pupils in my class thought of my thriller opening 'Reap As You Sow'.

Below are some short phrases of feedback's that fellow pupils suggested;

1) Could have improved lighting.
2) Loved the fact it's unique something different compare to other thriller openings.
3) Could have included more close up shots
4) Really loved the fact that its simple and plain something that is not over the top .

Below are voxpops of comments and feedback's from fellow pupils and friends;

On the 5th,April,2011 all the AS thriller openings were released at The Screen On The Green. Below is a wordle of feedback's that people at the cinema expressed.

Below are some short phrases of feedback that some people expressed at the cinemas;

  • Really feel that you could have improved on the lighting
  • Found the whole experience of watching your thriller opening creepy and scary, was left with goosebumps.
  • Would definitely go to watch this at the cinemas if it was a complete movie.
  • Really feel as if you could have altered the sound a bit more to make it more realistic.

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