Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation question 4&5

Our film was a low budget independent movie so could only be distributed in a few specific ways.
Firstly through

We used Blogger to distribute our film, we published it on the site and gave people the oppurtunity to comment on it. was another site we used to distribute our film, it was easy to upload the film to Vimeo and as it is a video sharing website many people like ourselves would be using it.
Finnaly the screen on the green
This was the cinema we used to display all our movies one at a time.

Other institutions that may distribute my film are
Dog Woof
This is an independent distributor which only releases 12 films a year specialising in independent films.
We could upload our video to youtube and allow viewers to leave feedback
We could upload the video to our facebook accounts which would allow friends to veiw it and leave feedback.

200 DVD copies of each movie will be made and I will be given a copy of Reap as you sow which will allow us to give copies to family and friends.

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