Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation question 2

I believe my group represented the young black male in a very typical sense with him the culprit, but the church scene shows him to be more than a regular young black male criminal and it is deeper than the typical view of a black male from our generation.

Ryan Cameron was an ideal suitor to play the main  protagonist in our film he ticked all the boxes of the kind of person we needed in our film. he looked a regular teenage black male which meant he could represent the social groups we were targeting. The picture below shows his appearance in the movie, it is very similar to the dress code of the characters in a movie such as 'adulthood'.

Ryan Cameron plays a very similar role as Nole Clarke in 'Adulthood' The traking shots of Noel Clarke and the religous references are all similar to what we contained in our film.

The similarities are there too see in the above images the dress code, walking style and the fact they are in a park are all important factors. The teenage group we are representing is very typical in many aspects but has a huge twist on the characters deeper feelings and mental state.

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