Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION - Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in theprogression from it to the full product?

The prelim
The full product

As you can see from our prelim and our full product, we have improved massively through, editing, camera, mise en scene and sound.

Mise en scene
The location we used in the full product was a more effective as we went out and used a church instead of staying inside college which looked dull in the prelim. 

<--- Church
College --->

The scenery in the church also added a more creative effect as the chandeliers was like a symbol for heaven as it was above him. The scenery in the college was just not as effective as it was just plain, there was not much we could do with the use of the college as there wasn't any good background to use.

In the full product we used a variety of shots
Whilst in the prelim there was only 2 different shots that was used. Over the shoulder and a medium shot.

There was more editing used in the final product, for example there were 
Change of speed
Match cuts

There was only voices of me and Ryan speaking in the prelim, no other sounds was used and were all diegetic. In the final product there was no voices at all, instead all the sounds used was non-diegetic. It was a soundtrack which was produced by Ryan.

Team Work
When i first found out who was in my group, I wasn't satisfied as I didn't talk to anyone in the group before. During the first few weeks I didn't really get along with a member of the group but as weeks progressed and we started on our final product, everyone in the group seemed to get along with each-other and no one was complaining or having arguments. So i believed that as a group we made a team which could work well with each-other. Each person had their talent and knowledge about media, for instance
Sayf - Was good with coming up with ideas.
Ryan - Was good with music.
Zak - Was good with being creative to help Sayf.
Me - I was good with the editing.
So as a group we got along well once we started the final product.

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