Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation Question 7

What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Below are screen grabs of the variety of technologies we used;

At first we were introduced to a variety of search engines. Such as google, we used google to research all kinds of different films regarding information on profits and target audiences. We learnt that by using google and other search engines such as yahoo we would always be able to find relevant information/research.


We used movie websites such as IMDB, which is the largest movie data base in the world, to help gain a better idea of what a good thriller movie includes.

We were later introduced to Blogger, which we used as an updating profile of research, such as what makes a good thriller, target audience of thrillers and what knowledge we have gained about all the different technologies we could use in our thriller movie.

Once entering on the blogger dashboard, we clicked on view blog and later clicked on our individual group page, (Group 29) 

Clicking on new post we were able to update posts relating to research and planning.

Using the above tool bar on blogger we were able to change the font text size , upload images and videos and include links to external sites.

Above is an example of the posts that we have created after following the previous steps shown above.

With the use of blogger we learnt that it is always best to completely plan a task before getting started straight away, we also found that blogger is useful in updating/storing information & research by creating posts.

For filming our thriller opening we were required to use the college JVC camera, which we were given strict instructions on how to use appropriately. We were given two Sandisk memory cards to save our desired footage on, which was vital to the creation of our thriller opening, inserting the cards was a tricky process, they had to be opened and inserted the correct way round, carelessness could involve damaging the memory card or even the camera.

To create an overall final thriller opening film we were required to be able to use the college Apple Mac computers,on which where applications such as;

Final Cut Pro:

Above is a short clip from youtube on how to use Final Cut Pro.

 Below are some still image editing the Bag swap on Final Cut Pro;
Final Cut was helpful in enabling us to trim, combine and add effects to footage. 


By using Final Cut Pro frequently for Bag Swap, Prelim and Thriller opening. we learnt that to create a real life professional movie/clip it is necessary that you are able to use Final cut Pro fluently and effectively  

SoundTrack Pro:

Above is a clip based around how to function Sound Track Pro.

Below are some still images of creating sound track for Bag swap;
 Sound Track pro enabled us to combine a mixture instruments into one overall sound.

Although we found SoundTrack pro quite tricky to use we realised we will have to try and learn our way through to create an effective sound piece to accompany our Bag Swap and Thriller opening. By creating a sound track on Sound Track Pro we learnt that to create a professional sound track it is necessary that you are able to work your way around the application.

Live Type:

Above is a short clip on how to use Live Type.

Below are some still images of creating credits on Live Type.
Live type enabled us to create credits by altering fonts, effects and  textures.

By using Live Type we learnt that you are able to create professional credits similar to big time movies such as Titanic, Terminator and many more.  However to succeed in creating effective credits you are required to use live type fluently and all its components exposed. We however did not include credits made in Live Type in our thriller opening as we wanted plain simple text that was achievable on Final Cut Pro. 

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