Sunday, 13 February 2011

Thriller planning (ideas)

The are many differnt ideas in mind for the filming of my thriller opening, I have in mind different sub genres openings such as;

(Idea:1) The opening begins with shots of a person sitting on a floor of check tiles in the kitchen rocking back and forth, we suddenly see everything from the main character/protagonist view, we see constant flash backs of  a murder and rape upbeat scary music plays, blood smears all over the front screen of camera and titles/credits appear. (Psychological thriller sub genre)

(Idea:2) We see constant flashes of the seven wonders of the world, a classic opening, up a sky scrapper down the building and pass the receptionist we suddenly bump into the main character who trembles in fear blood smeared on his hand on the run and police sirens everywhere. We see detailed shots of weapons adorned on the characters body, opening suddenly take a flash back in time. (Action thriller sub genre)

(Idea:3) We see a group of men who look suspicious waiting eagerly all targeting towards one perspective a man approaches them group surrounds him. Suddenly the group take a u turn and face a member in the group target him, constant flah backs appear we see the group member on the  floor covered in blood, culprits wash blood off their hands, check whether group members dead and leave him to die. New seeting group member is alive on search/hunt for revenge. (Conspiracy thriller sub genre)

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