Thursday, 3 February 2011

Preliminary, (Animatic)

We as a group were given a task to produce a practice film using the use of Jelly babies as our cast. Our film is set in the college and uses the concept of the college lift, simmilar to our bagswap. The concept of our film is that the yellow jelly baby arrives from the lift out on to the first floor where he/she walk towards the stairs leading to the second floor and bumps into a fellow friend where they exchange a few words, about college routines.

We had a a variety of jelly babies to chose from as you can see below;

 Jelly Babies Royalty Free Stock Photo
We in the end chose to use a yellow and  a red jelly baby.

Below are images before the shooting of the animatic;

Below are some screen shot images of editing the Animatic in Final Cut Pro.

The above is a screen shot showing the time series of the animatic it has all the preferred footage in to one sequence 

The above is a screen shot showing the number of shot clips we had produced to combine in to one final production.

The above is a screen shot of the far top left hand side screen where combined footage can be viewed as one final production.

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