Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Font analysis

Font plays a cruical part for a movie, it allows the target audience/public make an assumption/guess what the actuall movie genre is. Font come in all different sizes and shapes and can be used espically in the film industry to engage and attract the public. There are a range of font designs to suit every genre, whether its comedy,horror or action.

Most movie posters include either one of the below font styles.

·         Serif fonts (times and courier)
·         Sans Serif (Ariel and Comic Sans)

Below are images of past movie posters and details about the font used.

The use of this font style creates the assumption that this is a movie including a range of violent activities, which is common in all Rocky's movies. This particular font style and size represents rocky's personality and charismatic attitude alongside with matching his physical appearance.The use of such font also suggests that Rocky is/should be seen as an authority figure, who people look up to.
Rocky is a movie remotely based on the issue of boxing which requires a use of a font style which represents the same concept. The font style in the above Rocky poster is 'Franklin Gothic Medium'.
 The fast and the furious is  more of an movie remotely based on cars, It is an action movie where the title of the movie suggests an obvious assumption that this is a movie that will take you on a fast ride. the font is in itallics and has a touch of a fade which suggest the speed of the movie. I havent been able to match The font style of the movie poster but it seems to be match quite a lot with the font style rockwell extra bold

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