Monday, 7 February 2011

Font Analysis

Font is a major presentation technique when it comes to media.
The two main types of font styles are explained below:

Sans-Serif: To sum it up sans-serif is typography that doesn't contain the little tips at the end of each letter [T] and is mainly used for emphasis.
An example of a film using sans-serif is ROCKY.
Rocky uses sans-serif for emphasis of the words "ROCK", to show the strength, braveness and power of the main character and because although it is tough and big it looks friendly because it is easy to read.

Serif: thought to be originated from the roman alphabet. Serif is typography the does have the extra detail of the tail on the ends of each letter. This typography is usually used in magazines and newspapers such as "THE TIMES", hence the font called "TIMES NEW ROMAN". 
An example of a film using serif is PEARL HARBOR.

Pearl Harbor uses serif to show the authentication of tradition and social class. 

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