Thursday, 10 February 2011

Evaluation of the Prelim

Although i personally believe that my and my groups Prelim has shown a great outcome, i personally feel that improvments are visible in the production.

The actuall Prelim was shot inside the college using the use of the college lift, which resembles a consistency from the bag swap. Our prelim was fairly short, with basic surroundings and action. We included only two characters who share a short conversation between themselves.

Improvements which could have been made if more timing was allowed:
  • Would have payed more attention to little details regarding Mis en scene.
  • Would have tried to include more shots making the actual Prelim duration fairly longer.
  • Would have included a much interesting conversation between the two characters/actors
  • Would have included a much more upbeat editing, including sounds/special effects.
Although i personally believe all these little improvements above would have made the final Prelim more engaging and attractive I still believe with the time limit and space I and my group were able to pull off a pretty good Prelim. We will now as a group after learning from our faults and flaws in the Prelim be able to take in more consideration as what to do to in the filming/production of the thriller opening, to create an opening which creates suspense is engaging and attractive.

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