Tuesday, 1 February 2011

structure of openings

The opening of a film plays a crucial in engaging and attracting the proposed target audience. There are a range of structure openings for example;

Narrative opening: An opening of a film with titles running through it. We are introduced to locations, settings and then characters. In certain circumstances even to the main/key character, examples of such films are : The Shining. in which the camera follows like a predator. Below is the opening of The Shining;

Discrete title sequence: A title sequence in which the titles appear in different backgrounds, separate from the opening clips. in other words they are heavily edited and stylished.Example's of such a film is Enemy of the state. Below is the opening title sequence of Enemy Of The State in which the title sequence's appear in a different background (New york city) from the actual opening of the film.

Titles over blank screen: Titles running through a blank screen, in which only the text is visual. In such openings often sound effects or sound are include An example of such a film is Memento. Below is the opening of Memento in which only the title are visible.

Stylished editing: opening which uses special effects to create a intrigue in attracting and engaging the target audience. An example of such a film is Mezrine, below is the actual opening of Mezrine.

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